All results of planning calculations can be viewed on screen or printed on the forms company standards, which can be created using the CALDsoft7 the Format Editor, allowing the user to set the desired format, or use the formats predefined print the Software.

Simulate, Test, Review

Make numerous calculations to achieve the desired piece, check the 3D display, print or manufactures a thumbnail of the desired part, these and other options can help in the manufacture of parts reducing the margin of error and possible unplanned costs.

As for information on the design, are offered resources to create user quotas, Autocotar function (aid in the quotation), or use predefined quotas. Another key tool CALDsoft7 is the export of flat patterns for the CAD in DXF or DWG formats.

Check out some screenshots and demonstration video.

Linear Dimensions
Linear Dimensions
Linear Dimensions Type 1 and Type 2
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