With this tool, CALDsoft7 can unfold any transition or intersection between two parts. For this the X and Y coordinates of the points of the two edges which form the transition must be informed on the Flex tables. A friendly graphic environment allows all points to be introduced easily and fast.

Basically if you want to unfold a transition between two generic shapes, it is necessary to inform the X and Y coordinates of the points of the two edges – plans B1 and B2. If you want to calculate a generic intersection, first you must create the two parts informing, in the same way, the coordinates of the points of the two edges of each one of the two parts – plans B1 and B2 for the base part and plans P1 and P2 for the part which will penetrate the base part.

The way to inform the coordinates of the points on the 4 work plans (B1, B2, P and P2) is always the same and it can be done in 4 ways:

  • By typing the X and Y coordinate values of each point individually;
  • By default shapes;
  • By importing the Polyline profiles from the AutoCAD software;
  • Through a TXT file with the X and Y coordinates of the points.

The coordinates of the points, after defined by any one of the four possible methods, joins these points to their work plan (B1, B2, P1 and P2). These plans can then, in an independent way, be placed in any place of the 3D space by displacement in the X and Y directions and rotations around the X and Y axis. With this positioning defined for the four plans, the two parts are formed on the graphic 3D space and both unfolds happen instantaneously.

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