Sheet Metal Unfolding Software The CALDsoft software has already made more than 1,000 clients in Brazil and several clients in more than 25 countries in the most diversified areas and the new version of the software, CALDsoft7 is also going


Simulate, test, review the CALDsoft allows you to get the best result without loss, with plans in hand only print or export to major CAD software.


Create transitions and intersections with Flex or make revolutions, rounded shapes and tops with Revolve, drawing contours or importing 3D points / polylines.

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Super Transition

Liberty for create, enter variables or constants, define a path and CALDsoft7 will automatically calculate and plan all intermediate sections.

Aproveitamento de chapas

O CALDsoft permite a distribuição de todas as planificações calculadas para o melhor aproveitamento da chapa.


With this tool, CALDsoft7 can unfold any revolution shape and is appropriate to unfold parts such as heads. To calculate a part with Revolve it is necessary first to define a base profile that will be revolved around its central