Sheet Metal Unfolding Software

The CALDsoft software has already made more than 1,000 clients in Brazil and several clients in more than 25 countries in the most diversified areas and the new version of the software, CALDsoft7 is also going to call your company’s attention by optimizing your complete industrial process and making it more agile.

To make calculations with the CALDsoft7 software is very simple, quick and precise. Just choose the shape to be calculated, type in the measures, click on calculate and the software will provide the unfold in seconds.

CALDsoft7 presents the widest range of shapes more used in sheet metal. Besides this, it also has several tools which allow the user to unfold endless transitions or intersections. (See in functions on the inferior menu)

By using the traditional unfolds calculation methods, the time spent to calculate a part can be minutes or even hours. With CALDsoft7 this time is reduced to only a few seconds.
CALDsoft7 besides increasing productivity will also help to reduce your costs taking the best advantage of the raw material, of the optimization of unfolds and other functionalities.

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